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Exposure to traffic noise is linked to the next risk of dementia.

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Could living near a busy road or train tracks put you at higher risk of dementia? A study published on September 11, 2021 BMJ It found that individuals who lived near noisy transport routes for a few years had the next risk of dementia, particularly Alzheimer's disease, than those that lived in quieter areas.

Study authors in Denmark checked out national health registers, which included 105,500 cases of dementia in adults over 60 from 2004 to 2017. Then they checked out estimates of traffic and railway noise from residential neighborhoods across the country. After controlling for other aspects, akin to socioeconomic status and air pollution, they found that individuals who had lived in areas with heavy traffic or railroad noise for a decade or more had the next risk of dementia overall. and increases the chance of Alzheimer's disease by 27%. . Road noise, but not train noise, was also related to the next risk of vascular dementia, a form of dementia brought on by reduced blood flow to the brain brought on by plaque buildup within the arteries. The researchers hypothesized that noise could affect sleep quality or cause a rise in stress that affects mental health. They say the outcomes show the importance of public programs to scale back noise pollution.

Photo: © Orbin Alija/Getty Images