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Simple ways to enhance your balance

Body systems liable for balance could be affected by gradual changes on account of aging or unwanted side effects of medicines. There are also many health problems that may cause instability in your feet. But many stability problems attributable to aging or conditions equivalent to arthritis, stroke, Parkinson's disease, or multiple sclerosis respond well to exercises designed to enhance balance.

Most likely, you already engage in some activities that help to enhance balance, especially should you are an energetic person. Other balance-strengthening activities are routinely taught in classes held at many YMCAs and senior centers. For example:

  • Walking, biking and climbing stairs strengthen the muscles in your lower body. If your balance needs quite a lot of work, a recumbent bike or stair stepper is a secure method to start.
  • Stretching loosens tight muscles, which may affect posture and balance.
  • Yoga strengthens and stretches tight muscles while difficult your static and dynamic balance skills.
  • Tai chi movements, which involve gradual shifts of weight from one foot to the opposite in addition to twisting the trunk and lengthening the limbs, offer a series of challenges to enhance your balance.

What should you're not energetic in any respect? Research shows that the fitting exercises may help sedentary people of any age or ability level dramatically improve their strength and balance.

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