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Losing weight helps your partner drop pounds too.

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People who attempt to drop pounds may also help their partner do the identical, based on a study published online on February 1, 2018. obesity.

The study tracked the burden loss progress of 130 couples over six months. The couples were divided into two groups. In one group, one member of the couple was involved within the Weight Watchers program, which provided in-person counseling and online tools to assist with weight reduction. In the second group, one member of the couple received a four-page handout with information on weight reduction methods, equivalent to healthy eating, exercise, and weight management strategies.

Over six months, 32% of spouses in each groups not assigned to the weight-loss program lost 3% or more of their body weight — considered a measurable health profit. The study also found that couples' weight reduction rates were correlated — if one member lost weight at a gradual pace, so did that person's partner. Likewise, if one person struggled to drop pounds, so did the partner.

The researchers hypothesized that those that succeeded in reducing weight created a “ripple effect” wherein their partners were also capable of adopt many recent healthy habits.