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Healthy fats may fight early-stage prostate cancer.

Healthy fats

The study involved nearly 4,500 men diagnosed with non-metastatic prostate cancer, meaning it had not yet spread beyond the walnut-sized prostate gland. Since 1986, they've been completing detailed food surveys every 4 years and reporting what they sometimes eat.

Study participants who ate the best amount of vegetable fat were less prone to die from prostate cancer or every other cause than men who consumed the best amount of animal fat. Most of the vegetable fat consumed by men comes from oils in salad dressings and nuts.

Men who consumed probably the most vegetable oil lived longer, partially because their cancer was less prone to spread beyond the prostate gland. This suggests, but doesn't prove, that a weight-reduction plan wealthy in vegetable oils can slow the expansion of prostate cancer.

Early studies have implicated a conventional Western weight-reduction plan, relatively high in pork and other sources of animal fat, with the next risk of prostate cancer, while eating more vegetable oil and vegetable protein. might help prevent this.

“One thing I tell my patients is to not eat animal fat, or at least limit it,” says Dr. Garnick. They base this recommendation on a long time of knowledge showing a direct link between animal fat intake and the incidence of prostate and other cancers. It's never been possible to prove cause and effect between dietary fat and cancer, but this recent study supports the concept that animal fat can alter the characteristics of prostate cancer.

Changing carbohydrates too

Although this study focused on oils and fats, it will be important to notice that men who consumed probably the most vegetable oil no Food: Refined carbohydrates, comparable to processed white bread, white rice, and sweets.

In the study, men who replaced 10% of their total calories from carbohydrates with vegetable oils were 29% less prone to die from prostate cancer or every other cause after eight years.

A generally healthy weight-reduction plan

This one study, in fact, cannot prove that a healthy weight-reduction plan fights prostate cancer. For one thing, this sort of long-term follow-up study can only show one. Association Between weight-reduction plan and prostate cancer. There were also some differences between the groups. The men who ate probably the most vegetable oil were healthier to start with. At the time of diagnosis, their blood levels of PSA, a marker of cancer activity, were lower than within the group that ate probably the most animal fat. Conversely, men who ate probably the most animal fat had more unhealthy traits. They were chubby and fewer physically energetic, and more of them smoked (7% in comparison with about 1% within the vegetable-fat group).

The researchers used statistical methods to compensate for these significant differences. “Either of these adverse effects will independently lead to worse outcomes,” says Dr. Garnick. “Did they account for every part? In these studies, you'll be able to never make sure.

So we don't really know what contributed most to keeping prostate cancer under control—eating more healthy vegetable oils, eating a weight-reduction plan wealthy in low (or healthy) carbohydrates, or eating less meat. It doesn't matter, because all three are a part of a healthy weight-reduction plan.

gave JAMA Internal Medicine The study, like many others before it, endorses an overall healthy weight-reduction plan that goes easy on pork and includes large amounts of plant foods that provide healthy mono- and poly-in. Provides saturated fatty acids. These come from foods like avocados, walnuts, and soybean, canola, and extra-virgin olive oils. This variety of weight-reduction plan has been linked to lower risks of heart disease, cancer, and other chronic conditions.

It's Saturday. Men's Health Week. As we head towards Father's Day, I hope all men give themselves the gift of health. An vital step on this direction is adopting a weight-reduction plan that may fight prostate cancer and profit every part from head to toe.