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Best bedtime for heart health?

The research we're taking a look at.

According to a brand new study, individuals who go to bed between 10 and 11 pm are less prone to develop heart disease than those that start their sleep earlier or later.

For the study, greater than 88,000 people aged 45 to 79 wore devices on their wrists that tracked sleep and wakefulness for every week. They also accomplished assessments and questionnaires about their health and lifestyle habits. The researchers then followed the participants for a median of 5.7 years for heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular problems.

Compared with sleep onset times from 10 to 10:59 p.m., heart disease rates were 25 percent higher when sleep began at midnight or later, and 12 percent higher when sleep began at 11 p.m. was, and 24 percent more when people fell. Go to bed before 10 pm.

The results don't prove that early or late bedtimes promote heart disease. But irregular sleep times can disrupt the body's 24-hour internal clock, or circadian rhythm, which plays a key role in regulating bodily function. The authors say that individuals who not sleep after midnight could also be most in danger because they're less prone to see the morning light, which resets the body clock. Their study was published on November 9, 2021. European Heart Journal – Digital Health.

Photo: © Ridofranz/Getty Images