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A single session class provides relief from lower back pain.

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A two-hour pain management class can provide months of relief from chronic back pain, in keeping with a clinical trial published online August 16, 2021. JAMA Network Open..

The trial included 263 adults with chronic low back pain that had lasted no less than six months. Each was randomly assigned to one in all three groups: 87 people took a pain-relief skills class (called “empowered relief”), 88 received cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for chronic pain; ), and 88 had back pain studies.

Empowered Relief consisted of a single-session, two-hour class. It covers pain neuroscience education and CBT skills equivalent to identifying painful thoughts, cognitive reframing (changing your mindset to see a situation otherwise), the relief response, and self-soothing techniques. has been. Subjects received a 20-minute leisure audio file. The CBT group attended eight two-hour sessions (16 hours in total) that included several leisure audios. The two-hour back health education class included advice on find out how to recognize the warning signs of back pain and advice on nutrition and medicine management.

Both Empowered Relief and CBT were higher than the tutorial class for pain management. Still, the single-session Empowerment Relief class was as effective as eight CBT sessions in reducing pain, improving sleep, and reducing depression and anxiety. Its effect also lasted for 3 months. For more information on Empowered Relief visit empoweredrelief.stanford.edu.